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What is a BUMS Course Unit System Form?

The course unit system is more equivalent to a prospectus that displays all minor and major details about the educational institute the student considers studying in. For the University of Colombo, students are offered a document displaying the rules and regulations when they apply for the Bachelors of Unani Medicine and Surgery.

While being quite similar to Hamdard medicine book in Hindi, this course covers the study of medicine of a specific niche. The University of Colombo offers a complete package in this subject; however, one needs to know all the important rules before getting involved.

Information Included in a BUMS Course Unit System

The BUMS Course Unit System, which is more like a rules and regulations document, contains every small detail about the course to be worked on. The University of Colombo has worked hard in covering excruciating details about the course. Rather than going through the complete document, the information included in the BUMS Course Unit System can be discussed as follows:

  • An overview of the history of the institute, objectives of the degree, and its organizational structure.
  • Introduction to the faculty and the requirements of admission into the university.
  • A clear subjection to all rules that explain the evaluation procedure, the attendance, examinations, and repeating the procedure.
  • Focus across all criteria for awarding the degree, the time required to complete a degree, and confirmation of the degree.
  • Detailed overview over the course sequence with level and hours of the program.
  • A dividend, detailed, and progressive detail of all the departments that are involved in the process. The BUMS Course Unit System contains all the departments involved in the course, including the Department of Kulliyat, Allied Sciences, Ilmul Adviya, etc.

What is a BUMS Course Unit System Used For?

The primary reason for creating the BUMS Course Unit System is to provide the student with a very progressive instructional detail of what they are getting into. To help the student better understand the course and what they shall study over the span, such documents are designed.

Every university and institution has its own set of rules of operation. Before starting the journey with the institution, students are advised to come up with a clear understanding of the rules. To assist the process, documents such as the BUMS Course Unit System prove to be extremely helpful. Although such documents are considered useless in their entirety, a student can learn a lot if they carefully review them.

To learn more about the course before getting started with the university, a BUMS Course Unit System is used by students wishing to start their Bachelors of Unani Medicine and Surgery. After consulting the document, they shall be more sound about what they shall study across the university, which can also be a conclusive decision-maker.

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